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PEAK TIMES-we can go through periods when we book in huge amounts of repairs in a short time. This normally occurs in April, May and June when the weather improves and people get their bikes out to use. This unfortunately often leads to waiting times on servicing that can stretch to weeks.

PRIORITY-During these times we reserve 50% of our workshop slots aside for those customers that have purchased their bikes from us. This is a way that we can show loyalty for those that have chosen to support us. This doesn’t mean there will be no wait just hopefully a shorter one. When booking in on the phone if you have not been asked please mention it if it comes from us.

DROP IN JOBS-we strive to book in all services and jobs that require a reasonable amount of labour. However we understand that small jobs such as punctures, cables, gear tunes etc are not something that people want to wait a long time for. These jobs we take as a “Drop in Job” which means we get to it when there is capacity during the week. Normally bikes are turned around in a few days and again we do prioritise Saddle Safari bikes.