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Be Bright and Be SEEN

Be Bright, be seen

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It is not only children who need to ensure that they can be seen when using the road. All cyclists should take precautions to ensure that they can be seen by other road users whilst cycling.

Fluorescent clothing and equipment

This material should be worn during the day because it reacts to the UV rays in the sunshine, which causes it to glow. Therefore wearing fluorescent material during the day time, means that you will ‘stand out’ against the background.

Reflective materials and equipment

This material is best worn at night or in dull weather, because it contains lots of tiny prisms that reflect the light from a source (such as car headlights) directly back towards it. This enables the material to ‘light up’


If you are going to be riding at dusk or in the dark you need good lights. There is a enormous difference between a light to make you legal and a light that will help you to be seen and to see. If you are regularly commuting you will need to consider a good quality led(light emitting diode) light set.

These have very good battery life and are generally very reliable. If you need to see the road rather than just being seen you will need one of the more expensive sets which produce a better beam onto the road. A regular commuter should spend a minimum of £50 on a light set.

Bells, horns and Hooters

As well as being seen it is still important to be heard. A good bell or horn is a polite and effective way to let people know you are there. The bell doesn’t need to be large or unsightly-these simple ones below are a sensible addition to your bike.


A cycle helmet IS AN ESSENTIAL, it saves 1000’s a year from serious head injuries and a modern well fitted helmet is extremely comfortable-see “the right equipment” for some more examples.