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Dont be afraid to ride to work!

These days the average person’s commute to work is usually just a few miles. Most of that time seems to be spent sitting in traffic half asleep and worrying about being late.

On top of this we have the ever increasing cost of fuel and the worry of that big carbon footprint constantly pumping out of your cars exhaust pipe.

So why not do something about it?

More and more people are starting to cycle to work. It’s cheaper, environmentally friendly, it keeps you fit and helps you lose weight. It wakes you up quicker than a pint of boiling coffee and lets you begin your day alert and ready to start!  A lot of people even find it quicker than driving.

Here at Saddle Safari we have a fantastic choice of bikes to suit all your needs and a range of clothing to get you there warm and dry. We also have a comprehensive selection of cycling friendly luggage, that way your laptop can enjoy the ride too!

Commuting every day to work can be a real challenge, especially in the dark cold days of the winter. There are many things to consider:-

  1. The right bike-buy the best bike you can afford as a good quality bike is faster, lighter and more reliable
  2. The right equipment-getting the correct kit makes all the difference to your comfort and safety
  3. The best route-of course you want to get there as quickly as possible but with a little planning you can use quieter routes making your journey more pleasant and safer.

Start your browsing by selecting a bike from our range that will make your journey efficient and be able to transport you and your luggage:

Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid is a halfway house between a mountain bike and a road bike. It has larger wheels than mountain or comfort bikes and narrower tyres. This gives it much less rolling resistance and is faster and more agile on the road. If you plan to do longer rides on the road then a hybrid will take a lot less energy to pedal. It’s also an excellent commuting bike should you wish to start riding to work. The gears on a hybrid tend to be slightly higher which gives you faster gears for on road speed. Even though it has narrower tyres it is still ok to use a hybrid off road but you would generally only do gentle off road.

You need to consider what sort of riding you plan to do. If you think the majority is going to be on road with a occasional off road trip a fast hybrid is ok; however if a large proportion of your riding is not on the road then go for a comfort hybrid as the suspension fork will allow for a more forgiving ride.




This is for the leisure rider who does intend to do some off road. The suspension forks will handle the bumps and add to the general comfort of the bike. Bikes with suspension are generally heavier than those without.




These are lighter than ones with suspension and better suited to lengthier road rides and commuting Still capable of going off road but less comfortable.




Keeping things nice and simple with minimal gears and all the right equipment to carry things from A to B. Ideal for people looking for a general purpose bicycle.


Dont forget the accessories that make your journey safe and comfortable…..

 Lights  Locks  Pumps Load Carrying

Come into the shop to get the best advice specific to your or your family’s exact needs.

Below is a section on techniques you can use to be safe whilst riding around town.