The 69 Hill Challenge and Photo Competition

John Laker who is a great advocate for cycling in the town has celebrated his love and cycling and our fantastic Chiltern hills into a booklet of his favourite hill climbs. There are 69 hills in the book that he has graded from 1 to 10 in difficulty, with a guide of how to get them and their unique characteristics. I am sure you have ridden many of them so it will be interesting to see if you agree with his assessment and grading of the toughest. The idea is to ride all 69 and complete the challenge.

The booklet is available in its printed form from the shop. Its free but we ask for a contribution to the RNLI which is a charity John is involved with. It is also available to download with the link below, again free of charge but please do pop in the shop and put something in the RNLI tin. John’s Book

There are photos of many of the hills so I thought it would be fun to run a competition to name 10 of the hills. Name the lanes and locations of the hills below sending your answers by email to by Monday 18th November. If more than 1 person gets them all right I will draw one out of the hat. The prize is a £50 bundle of goodies from FourState, recently opened on Spittal street by ex Borlase boys Patrick and Rob. They sell environmentally friendly products and foodstuffs that are more sustainable ,economical and ethical. See what’s going on at fourstate at



Hill 1. Hill 2.
Hill 3. Hill 4.
Hill 5. Hill 6.
Hill 7. Hill 8.
Hill 9. Hill 10.


Written on October 22nd, 2019 by Saddle Safari


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