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Ride like the wind!

 Nothing makes you feel more alive than accelerating along a country lane with the wind rushing past and the sound of the tarmac buzzing under your tyres.

Today’s modern road bikes offer you a whole range of technical advancements, such as super strong hydroformed aluminium and high modulus carbon fibre frames and forks, giving you a comfortable, responsive and ultra light ride.

With the mix of light, beautifully made components, you can feel the speed and exhilaration experienced by the pro riders!

Whether you’re out by yourself training for the next big triathlon, or you just enjoy the feel of speed, then you need a road bike!


Aluminium Road Bikes

The entry level bikes from Trek will Aluminium frames and carbon fibre front forks.   This combination is excellent for beginners and intermediate riders as it mixes higher quality comfort and performance with a lower price tag.  As you work your way up through the range, the bikes will start to see better quality brakes, gear systems and wheel sets as well as becoming lighter and more comfortable.   We have chosen to stock  Trek bikes as we feel they offer the best in design value and ride quality for the money.

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Carbon Road Bikes

   When it comes to building the best quality road bikes, carbon fibre is a dream material.  It offers a winning combination of everything you could possibly need to give the optimum balance in high performance, style and comfort.  When made correctly, carbon can be up to three times lighter than the next highest quality material, whilst also being more ridged and much, much stronger than any available metal. Because of this, it’s widely used in motor racing and the aircraft industry.

Another unique factor is the comfort it offers. Due to the way it’s constructed, carbon is fantastic at soaking up vibration making it brilliant for use on the road. This is down to good old fashion design and the damping properties in the resin used to bond the carbon layers together. Topped off with its unrivalled ability to be sculpted into any shape desired, all in all you will end up with a sleek looking, ultra comfortable, super light weight, aerodynamic and ridiculously fast racing machine.

 So what’s the catch?

Well, carbon fibre is in very high demand. Most bike manufacturers know they need to offer at least one carbon bike in their range to compete with the other brands. Often these bikes act as more of a show piece than a proper racing bike, they tend to lack drastically, in good quality and design. Due to costs the carbon it gets sourced from the cheapest supplier sacrificing strength and quality.

At Saddle Safari we are aware of these factors and as riders we feel it’s important to offer our customers the best quality for your money. Because of this we have chosen to offer Trek bikes as our flagship brand. Trek manufacture their own specially designed OCLV carbon construction process for the ultimate in quality carbon fiber frames. Over the years Trek have pretty much paved the way for the use of carbon fibre in the bicycle industry. They are also one of the very few brands to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of their carbon frames.

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Touring bikes

Touring bikes are designed to take you long distances whilst carrying most or all of what you need with you. They have lots of gears to get up the steepest pass, and good brakes to make sure you don’t kill yourself coming down the other side! Mudguards keep road spray off, and pannier racks enable you to carry your luggage with ease. Tourers look very similar to road bikes, with drop handlebars allowing you vary your riding position although they are usually still more upright that their racing specific cousins. A great choice for the regular long distance rider.

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