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Road Bikes are all about efficiency and our range shows that, we have bikes for speed, for hills and for mileage each one suited to a different element of road riding. Take a look at the range and see what appeals to you.

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The Domane and Silque models.

These bikes were designed for the Flandrien pave however we have found them to be just as at home on the potholed roads of the Chilterns. With Trek’s Iso Speed decoupler helping to sooth out your ride and the more relaxed position these bikes are all about making your ride smooth and comfortable.


The Trek Emonda.

This bike is built to be the lightest possible set up available at each price point and boy does it achieve it. If you are heading off to the alps or just want a little less weight to carry up winter hill this is the bike for you.

Image result for trek madone Aerodynamic/Triathlon 

The Trek Madone road bike and Speed Concept TT bike.

Speed… when every last second matters these are the bikes for you, built to slice their way through the air these are pure pedigree racers.

Image result for trek 920 disc Touring/Adventure

Taking the long route today? These bikes are the true workhorses, designed to carry everything from a trip to the corner shop or a trip around the world, these bikes take everything in their stride and leave you smiling as you do it.