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From Marlow’s river paths to the slopes of Fort William mountain bikes come in many different shapes and sizes. Cross country and ‘all mountain’ bikes come with large 29″ wheels, lightweight frames and less suspension to make them fast over large distances whilst enduro and downhill bikes come with more suspension, and more robust frames to deal with the rougher terrain. Take a look at the range below to see what may fit your riding.

trek procaliber 9.8 SL Hardtail

With suspension in the forks and a rigid rear end for many of us a hartail was our first ‘adult’ bike. These bikes have a wonderful go anywhere quality as they are lightweight and playful out on the trails but roll easily across more open terrain

Image result for rachel atherton trek Full Suspension

Things are getting serious, the road is getting rougher, the drops are getting bigger and the trails are getting steeper. Full suspension mountain bikes cushion you from everything that the trails can throw at you.

Related image Cyclocross

Muddy fields, skinny tyres, drop bars… As winter rolls around saturday mornings across the uk are devoted to a truly absurd sport. Cyclocross bikes are road bikes but with knobbly tyres and tight handling that mean they ride just as well in wooded singletrack as they do out on the open road.