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Everything you need for your off-road adventure!

Here in the UK we have some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. With our wide choice of quality mountain bikes you can enjoy everything from lazy riverside rides to epic off road adventures.

Whether you’re an off road novice or an experienced racer we have something to suit your needs. Utilizing the latest technology offered by some of the worlds leading brands there’s something for everyone, if you’re searching for a simple lightweight aluminium bike or a super-fast full suspension beast then look no further.


Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail Mountain Bikes are great family bikes, commute, long distance, cross country bikes as they have suspension at the front only which means you can still fit child seats, trailers and trailer bikes without a problem. Most will come with a 29inch wheel which makes them very efficient and easy to get up hills with. making it the perfect all round bike.
bikes under £500 tend to be slightly more upright than more expensive models as the manufactures presume they are going to be used for leisure purposes. They are great for the off road as they have fatter 29in tyres and the front suspension will soak up lumps and bumps. You can still use them on the road without a problem, the only disadvantage is that they have more drag on tarmac than other types of bikes.

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Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes


Bikes with front and rear suspension allow greater control and comfort in all conditions, but not all full-suspension bikes are made equal. With many being created ‘just for the look’ how do you know what’s any good?

Unless you’re intending to start entering downhill races regularly, using a bike with a coil sprung rear shock can be a bit overkill. The large majority of coil spring shocks tend to be overly heavy with to much rebound – giving you the feeling of riding a sloppy pogo stick! Alternatively, using a bike with an air sprung rear shock will perform much more smoothly, save you a lot of weight and allow for a more compact frame. A lot of poorly designed full-suspension bikes tend to have the rear shock positioned directly in the firing line of mud and water thrown up by the rear wheel. This isn’t going to do your shock any good and will no doubt lead to expensive repair bills. Instead try to look for a frame with the shock placed safely out of harms way.
Another useful thing to know is that bikes with the shock fitted in an upright position will allow for a much better distribution of the internal fluids and lubricants, giving long term reliability with minimum wear and a smooth feel. Many frames have the shock positioned, lying at an angle, this is usually done by the designers to allow for a fancy shaped frame. In other words Fashion Over Function!

Most of the guys here at Saddle Safari have been riding for many years. They have tried, tested and repaired many different bikes over that time and naturally have a feel for what works and what doesn’t. These days, all of the eight members of staff are all avid mountain bikers. Each one choosing to ride the Trek Fuel/ Remedy as they feel it is simply the best tool for the job whilst utilizing many features unique to Trek.

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