START: Marlow town centre

DISTANCE:  10 miles or 20 miles there and back


Marlow –Cookham Rise-4 miles

From Marlow town centre go down the High Street and cross the bridge. At the Compleat Angler turn left down Quarry Wood Road towards Cookham Dean. Travel down this straight road going under the A404 and passing Longridge ,then turn left  just before the hill into Quarry wood Lane. Follow this lane which runs adjacent to the Thames, then at the end at Quarry Wood Hall go up the by-way which bears right.

Continue on the path, then as it descends follow on to the right towards the white house(Forest Lodge). Continue on as it climbs and becomes a tarmac lane (Gibraltar lane). At the top, at the road junction turn left. Follow it for a short while  then turn right down Bradcutts Lane by the small green.  Continue on Bradcutts Lane for ¾ mile as it descends  .At the road junction turn right then immediately left up Whyteladyes Lane.

Follow along Whyteladyes Lane for ¾ mile passing the cricket club as is loops around Cookham Rise. At the junction turn left going under the railway bridge. If you have young children with you then use the footpath. Once under the bridge take the next right down Lightlands Lane(signposted with Sustrans route 50)

Cookham Rise to Maidenhead Town Centre -2.5 miles

Cycle down Lightlands Lane then go through the ‘Cycle gate’ at Strand lane following the blue route 50 sign. Follow the cycle route as its bears round to the left over Strand water. Follow the cyclepath, and then in 200 yards continue as it bears sharply right onto a wider path (permitted cyclepath Sustrans  50 route). Carry on in the same direction following the route 50 signs.

When you get to the path crossroads you will encounter 2 route 50 signs. Turn left following the path which is fenced on both sides in between the fields. When you get to the Wooden bridge take the path to the left which takes you to the far end of the larger bridge. You will see a Number 50 sign and follow it on the tarmac lane away from the bridge.  Follow the 50 sign as it bears right off the tarmac back onto a cinder path. Follow as it travels over a wooden bridge. At the footpath junction at North town Moor go left following 50 signs. Continue to follow the 50 signs as you go right onto the lane .The path leads to Florence Avenue.

At Florence Avenue turn left then almost immediately right onto Strand water down the path signposted ‘the Greenway to Bray ‘.This is a lovely stretch of the waterway lined by willow trees. Continue to follow the sign to Bray. At the next path junction you lose the Bray signs so follow the signs to “town centre” as you travel through a park with the Fire Station to your right. This leads to an underpass which takes you under the A4 .

Maidenhead Town Centre to Dorney Lake   -3.5 miles

Once out from the underpass turn right towards the town centre. Go straight over at the traffic lights. If you have children then use the wide path by Waitrose to cross the busy Forlease Road using the pedestrian crossing. Continue along Bridge St towards the centre of town. Just after Pizza Express at the bridge turn left down onto Strand water signposted with the dark blue “Greenway to Bray” sign. There is a narrow path to the left ,or carry your bike down the steps. Follow Strand Water as it passes the library and amphitheatre. At the road, cross straight over using the pedestrian crossing following ‘Eton/Dorney’ 50 signs. Follow the stream as it travels under the railway then gets to another road  junction at Stafferton Way. Use the pedestrian crossing to your right to cross onto the path adjacent to the stream, signposted ‘Greenway to Bray’.

Follow the path as it bears right onto a tarmac lane signposted Route 4 and Greenway. Keep on this path following route 4 signs as it skirts Braywick Park .When you get to a pathway junction turn left following the route 4 signs ,which leads to Hibbert Road . At the road turn left towards Bray village following the blue signs. At the end of the road at the junction turn right to Bray village past the cricket pitch to your left.

Pass the Hinds Head Pub, then at the war memorial turn left down Ferry Road. Follow the route 4 signs as it bears right and continue to be led by the 4 signs on the lamposts as you go onto Old Mill Lane. Continue on Old Mill Lane as it rises over the M4. Once over the motorway ignore the left hand sign to Dorney and continue straight on passing Temple Cottage. Carry straight on until you see the left hand path signposted route 4 to Eton Wick and Windsor with a Green/Yellow permitted path sign. Follow as it crosses up and over the Thames on the wooden bridge. Once over the bridge turn left along the river. After 100 yards turn left signposted Windsor route 4. Simply follow any route 4 signs along this lovely path which will lead to the Dorney lake car park lane.

You have arrived at the lake. If you would like to explore the lake turn right which will lead you to the top end of this 1.3 mile lake. You can ride all the way around it and there is always some sporting event at the lake most weekends which you can watch.

Written on December 18th, 2018 by Saddle Safari


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