Local Bike Café’s

With spring getting ever closer, our minds turn to long rides in the Chiltern hills and the most pressing thought on any cyclist’s mind, where do I stop for coffee and cake?

Here are some of the most well-known stops where you can safely store your bike and the clip of your cleats on the floor is welcomed.

Spares and repairs are often available as well. If you know of any more that are within range of Marlow, please let us know.



1. Watlington– Spire and Spoke 0X49 5AD  www.thespireandspoke.co.uk


2. Turville Heath– The Barn At Turville Heath RG9 6JY  www.thebarnatturvilleheath.com


3. Warren Row– Velolife   Rg10 8QS         www.facebook.com/velolife.co.uk


4. Wargrave- H’Artisan    RG10 8BU      www.hartisanfriends.co.uk


5. Uxbridge- Rusty Bike Café UB8 2UW   www.therustybikecafe.co.uk