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Kids Bikes

All Frog bikes are available through Click and Collect

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Age 2-3 

Balance bikes, bicycles without pedals that allow the child to run along and develop a sense of balance on two wheels before pedals are introduced

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Age 3-5

The first bikes with pedals, these bikes have no gears and between 12″ and 16″ wheels. We find these bikes fit children up to a height of around 1.10m

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Age 5-8

With 20″ wheels these bikes tend to also begin offering gears to young riders. We also start to see the first variations between mountain bikes and hybrid style bikes. These bikes fit to around 1.2m in height

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Age 8-11

With 24″ wheels these bikes come equipped with more gears than their smaller counterparts, we also see a wider variation in the bikes available, with road, mountain, hybrid and track bikes. These bikes fit to around 1.35m in height

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Small Adults

26″ or 650b wheels, we have a mixture of bikes specifically designed for children or adult bikes with smaller frames that fit larger children. These bikes fit to around 1.5m in height

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Kids Road Bikes

With drop handlebars, slick tyres and  20″ to 27.5″ wheels these are the perfect way to introduce children to the world of road cycling.