How to carry your groceries

Hint: it’s much easier than you think!






Yes, getting groceries is totally possible on a bike. Not only that, it gives you a ton of freedom – you don’t have to fight for parking, you’ll only buy what you really need, and you’ll really be earning whatever delicious meal you’re getting ready to cook up.

The best way to pick up groceries and run errands by bike is by having the right carry system. Here are a few simple upgrades suggestions that will turn your ride into a grocery-getting machine.

Racks and bags – 

You’ll want to start with a rear rack and panniers. Panniers are bags that you can attach to either side of the rack. Our Deluxe MIK Rack fits our City Shopper Panniers and our MIK Utility Boot Bag. That’s almost triple the space of a backpack, which you can then use to carry all your other things.

How to pack your baskets and bags –

Put heavier items and items that can’t get squashed at the bottom – things like tinned goods and boxes

  1. Place more delicate groceries like eggs, veg and bread at the top
  2. Make sure to load both panniers evenly so one side isn’t heavier than the other, which can make your bike feel lopsided while you’re riding

Bike trailers –

If you want to carry a lot, a trailer is the way to go. Cargo trailers are great for hauling groceries and other goods. If you have children or are looking for an even more versatile trailer, try a kid trailer. You can cart your kids (or your dog!) around town and to the park when you’re not headed to the shops.

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