Hodgemoor Woods Bike Park

If you are looking to put your bike jumping skills to the test this is one for you!

Hodgemoor Woods is home to Hodgemoor Bike park which is a wooded area consisting of multiple trails ranging from easy to ride table tops up to some pretty big doubles. This place has been here for many years and is still in frequent use.

The park is located just off of the A355 (Amersham Road) on Bottrells Lane, head up past the farm and park in Hodgemoor woods car park. Cycle back just beyond the farm and you’ll see an opening into the woods, follow the past and a slight left will bring you out by the start ramp and “welcome to Hodgemoor” sign.

The bike park is here

The car park is here

Make sure you have your helmet buckled up, your bike is fit for purpose and try to avoid riding alone in case of an accident.

Start small and work your way up, a bit of practice and you’ll be flying over the jumps.



The park is in a good location with easy access + car park.

Good place to learn to transfer skills from tabletop jumps to your first set of doubles, the left line starts small and gives you a great feel for a jump with a gap in between the take off and landing.


Limited number of jumps per line meaning you reach the end very quickly.

Can be intimidating for beginners not quite ready to get the wheels off the ground yet.

Overall 5/10

Written on May 25th, 2023 by Saddle Safari


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