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Electric bikes are just fantastic fun, it is as simple as that. Whether you want a little more oomph to get you up the hills, something to take on holiday or something for flying round the woods on we have the bikes for you. With the steady power of the Shimano steps system or the more immediate power of the Bosch motor, our mechanics are trained in servicing and maintaining both, ensuring that your E bike will just keep on running.

Why do we choose the Bosch and Shimano systems?

  • We are able to do diagnostic updates
  • We can carry out capacity tests on the batteries that support the systems
  • Our mechanics are trained to carry out maintenance and repairs on the motors
  • As a shop we have great relationship and strong communications with both Bosch and Shimano

DEMO– Experience the electric smile, come down and try a couple. 

Demo’s are available anytime, free of charge for short rides, or why not try a bike for a day for just £50.

If you then buy one we will then refund you the £50.




The links below give an idea of the range of bikes available for more information please visit: Trek Bikes

Trek Verve +



Ridgeback Electron Di2


Ridgeback Electron


Trek Powerfly 5 Womens



Trek Powerfly 5



Trek Powerfly 5 FS



Trek Powerfly 7


Trek Powerfly 7 Womens



Trek Powerfly 7 FS



Trek Powerfly FS 9



Trek Powerfly LT 9.7 Plus



eBike FAQ’s

How long are the batteries guaranteed for?

Shimano guarantee their batteries, motors and controllers for 2 years or 1000 full charges, you will find the battery will only loose around 5% of its full capacity per year. Bosch on the other hand is also 2 years, but 500 full charges or whichever comes first. However they also state that it should be good for around 8 to 9 years or 1000 charges, but you will expect to see a lose in capacity.


How do you know how many charges you have done?

When your bike comes into our workshop it will be plugged into the diagnostic system. With both the Bosch and Shimano diagnostic systems we are able to tell you the current life of the motors and batteries. We can also tell you information such as number of cycle charges, min/max battery temperature and usage in different modes.


How often should you charge the Battery?

With both the Shimano and Bosch systems, the motors and accompanied by a Lithium Ion battery which is best looked after by topping it up when you need to use it. The batteries supplied to you, should already have a full charge. If not, charge it up before you ride, to give the battery the best start to its life.


Will it harm the battery if it runs flat on a ride?

No, it is not recommended to run the battery completely flat, but the battery is protected by its built in maintenance system which prevents a total dis-charge. Both the Bosch and Shimano feature a range gauge which will tell you how many miles each mode will be able to give you, in some cases this may mean that you have to drop the assistance level to allow you get to your finish point without running completely flat.


PRICE PROMISE- if you see any current year model for sale at a cheaper price anyway else, we promise to match it.