Demo Bikes

Demonstrator Bikes

Here at Saddle Safari we have a constantly changing fleet of bikes that can be demo ridden from all of the categories below. Whether its Road, Mountain, Electric or a Trike we will have something for you to try!

Here’s the current demo fleet…

  • Trek FX+2
  • Trek Powerfly 5
  • Trek Rail 7
  • Trek Fuel Exe 9.8
  • Gocycle G4i
  • Mirider Folding eBike
  • Trek Fetch 2 Cargo bike
  • Brompton 6 speed
  • Brompton electric
  • Ice trike adventure electric
  • Ice Sprint electric

How can I try one out?

The best way you can arrange to take out one of our demo models is to give us a call, over the phone we can discuss what you want to ride, sizing, date and your details.

When demo riding a bike we require both a user charge and a deposit for the bike. Your deposit will be refunded when you return from your ride and the user fund can also be refunded if you place an order with us.