Curious to see if you could make do with one less car?

Most families have at least 2 cars outside the house with many owning 3, 4 or even 5!

Do you notice that majority of the time at least one of the cars is parked and redundant?

If you would like to experiment in doing without one, we want to help.

Why not for one week swap your car keys for an eBike or cargo bike?  We will lend you whatever bike, luggage and equipment you need to explore the possibility of removing a car from your life.

Not only will you have more space and more money, but it is likely your health and well-being will improve. With a little planning, the odd taxi or bus trip and a bike for the short trips you may find it easier than you think!

Give us a call at the shop with your questions.

click here to see how these people got on without a car


Written on January 30th, 2024 by Saddle Safari


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