Coronavirus update – 8th June 2020

We have been very fortunate to have been able to be open since the 23rd March. We have traded successfully from our courtyard where customers have been served from a safe distance. We are continuing to take in repairs, sell accessories and bikes but are continuing to do so without allowing access into the shop. We envisage this system to continue in the short-term.

It has been a challenge though, and we apologies if we have not always been able to uphold our usual levels of customer service.

New bikes

Demand has been huge, and I am sure you have all seen how cycling has increased in popularity since March. A consequence of this is that we have sold out of bikes under the £1000 price bracket in common with most UK bike shops. We have a large number of new bikes ordered and are expecting the bulk of those in July and August. We are taking pre-orders for these bikes and are already experiencing high demand for them.

Please call to discuss your requirements so that we may reserve one for you. Our website is also able to take orders and we are attempting to update it with the new information as quickly as we can.


Repairs have also been busier than we have ever experienced before and apologise if you have had to wait longer than we would have liked to attend to your bike. Rest assured we have been doing our best to deal with the volume of repairs and have been running 24 hour shifts to increase capacity and create some social distancing within the shop. We are now able to repurpose bike display space in the shop for increased workshop space. By having extra staff now coming on board we hope to be able to reduce waiting times even further. We are still not allowing in-depth services (Silver and Gold) in order to keep capacity up and aim to keep as many of you riding as we can. If it’s a simple job such as puncture/tyre, cable, brake adjustment just bring the bike down and we will get to it ASAP. Anything more in depth please book as usual.

We are continuing to be closed on Sundays but from week commencing 8th June we will be open until 7pm on Thursdays again, which is great for drop-off and pick-up.

The changing face of cycling.

A positive consequence of the lockdown has been the way that families have discovered and re-discovered the joy of riding a bike. We have all witnessed how children and adults alike have ventured out to enjoy the safer roads. Proof indeed that if better facilities for cycling were available people would make the shift away from cars for short journeys that our communities desperately need. Government has been explicit that they want this shift to occur, even if temporarily during this time. Councils have the power and funding to widen roads and take measures to improve the environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Unfortunately, in Marlow our council have not seized all the opportunities available. We have a one-way pedestrian system, but no widening of pavements required for safe shopping or improved walking/cycling. If you feel this is a missed opportunity, then please sign the petition that has been started by local residents.

We thank you for your fantastic support over the last few weeks.

The team at Saddle Safari.