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Name: Matt Langridge

Job Title: Full time Sales

Saddle Safari Employee Since: 2013

Rides:  Willier (road bike), Ridgeback (Hybrid), Trek Stache 29er Hardtail, whatever else he can get his hands on!

Lives: Marlow

Info: Matt is one of the most genuine people you’ll meet and when talking to him it’s evident just how much he loves cycling. With an addiction for self punishment, he regularly attacks the infamous Winter Hill. Rather than climb to the top and continue with his ride Matt prefers instead to head back to the bottom and tackle it another 6 times! This often takes place before most of us have managed to get out of bed!

Info:  In his previous career Matt was a member of the Thames Valley Police. Along with a number of other interesting roles, he was one of only a small number of officers to be qualified in bicycle self defence. In short, he’s like Bruce Lee on wheels!