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Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Trek is the world leader in mountain bike technology. Innovations are not limited to only the highest-end bikes. Every model is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better. Hardtail mountain bikes feature suspension at the front end and a rigid frame at the rear to make for a bike that is as fun in the woods as it is on open trails.

Trek Marlin and Marlin Womens

Marlin takes its cue from light, fast XC bikes. The right wheel size for each frame size, performance pedigree and an unbeatable ride feel make Marlin the perfect trail rider. To view more information on the Marlin range please visit: Trek Bikes Marlin

Marlin 5


Marlin 6


Marlin 7


Marlin 5 Womens


Marlin 6 Womens


Marlin 7 Womens



Caution: X-Caliber will get you hooked. It packs all of Trek’s XC race hardtail experience into a light, fast bike that pairs the right wheel size with each frame size. Nothing beats the efficiency, simplicity and straight-up fun of an X-Cal hardtail in 29er or 27.5″. Great for XC racing, or simply shredding singletrack. For more information on the range please visit: Trek Bikes X-caliber 


X-Caliber 7


X-Caliber 8 


X- Caliber 9 



Traction Satisfaction- Roscoe is the ideal trail hardtail. Wide 2.8˝ tyres serve up an extra helping of confidence-inspiring traction, gripping relentlessly in uneven terrain and rolling over trail obstructions with ease. Want the capability of a full suspension trail bike with the simplicity of a hardtail? Look no further. Roscoe is the 27.5+ mid-fat mountain bike that makes every ride better than the last.

To see more please visit: Trek Bikes Roscoe

Roscoe 6


Roscoe 7


Roscoe 8



Roscoe 6 Womens



Roscoe 8 Womens



In mountain biking’s heyday, Procaliber was the envy of all other race bikes. Now it’s back to rule the XC circuit once again, redefining the term “hardtail” and setting the bar for speed and intelligence. Procaliber’s IsoSpeed decoupler delivers uncompromising cross country performance, efficiency and an incredible ride feel. It’s the fastest, smoothest, smartest hardtail on the trail. For more information and the full range please visit: Trek Bikes ProCaliber

Procaliber 6


Procaliber 8


Procaliber 9.6


Procaliber 9.7£2250


Procaliber 9.8 SL









Procaliber 9.8 SL specials


Same specification as the 9.8 SL but hand built on demand with more colour options


Procaliber 9.9 SL







Procaliber 9.9 SL specials


Same specification as the 9.9 SL but hand built on demand with more colour options


Trek Farley ‘Fat Bikes’

With their oversize 4 inch + tyres, fatbikes are go anywhere machines for all conditions. The large footprint of the tyre means that it rides better on soft snow or sand. Want to explore the coast whilst on holiday? A fat bike will do it.

For more information please visit Trek bikes UK Farley

Farley 5


Farley 9.6