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PEAK TIMES-we can go through periods when we book in huge amounts of repairs in a short time. This normally occurs in April, May and June when the weather improves and people get their bikes out to use. This unfortunately often leads to waiting times on servicing that can stretch to weeks.

PRIORITY-During these times we reserve 50% of our workshop slots aside for those customers that have purchased their bikes from us. This is a way that we can show loyalty for those that have chosen to support us. This doesn’t mean there will be no wait just hopefully a shorter one. When booking in on the phone if you have not been asked please mention it if it comes from us.

DROP IN JOBS-we strive to book in all services and jobs that require a reasonable amount of labour. However we understand that small jobs such as punctures, cables, gear tunes etc are not something that people want to wait a long time for. These jobs we take as a “Drop in Job” which means we get to it when there is capacity during the week. Normally bikes are turned around in a few days and again we do prioritise Saddle Safari bikes.

*For all enquiries call 01628 477020 (option 2) *


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Marlow Wheels for All bike raffle- draw day and cheque reveal

Young Lawson riding around on his favourite bike




Frog Bikes

Frog bikes are the lightweight, multi coloured kids bikes made right here in the UK. With children’s specific geometry and whole host of added features its not hard to see why they are taking the country by storm.

Frog Bikes are sized based on inside leg measurement. This measurement corresponds with the bike name, For example someone with a 54cm inside leg would most likely be looking to ride a Frog 55. Our staff will always be happy to help size your child in store for the perfect bike for them.

Tadpole Mini






Tadpole +



















Road 58


Road 67


Road 70 



MTB 62


MTB 69


MTB 72



Our Electric Promises

Check out our range of electric bikes Here


Folding Bikes


Image result for brompton Logo

Here at Saddle Safari we have experimented with a range of different folding bikes and there was one brand that stood out above all others. Each bike is custom made in the UK meaning you can get your very own choice of colours, gears and accessories. The bikes are lightweight, long lasting and easy to use. If you are commuting in London why not pop down to the store and have a go on our demo bike to see if it makes your day that little bit easier.

We keep a small number of Bromptons in stock however we find that most people would like to design their own. Have a go on their bike builder, by clicking here, to see what configurations you like the best









Off Road Bikes

From Marlow’s river paths to the slopes of Fort William mountain bikes come in many different shapes and sizes. Cross country and ‘all mountain’ bikes come with large 29″ wheels, lightweight frames and less suspension to make them fast over large distances whilst enduro and downhill bikes come with more suspension, and more robust frames to deal with the rougher terrain. Take a look at the range below to see what may fit your riding.

trek procaliber 9.8 SL Hardtail

With suspension in the forks and a rigid rear end for many of us a hartail was our first ‘adult’ bike. These bikes have a wonderful go anywhere quality as they are lightweight and playful out on the trails but roll easily across more open terrain

Image result for rachel atherton trek Full Suspension

Things are getting serious, the road is getting rougher, the drops are getting bigger and the trails are getting steeper. Full suspension mountain bikes cushion you from everything that the trails can throw at you.

Related image Cyclocross

Muddy fields, skinny tyres, drop bars… As winter rolls around saturday mornings across the uk are devoted to a truly absurd sport. Cyclocross bikes are road bikes but with knobbly tyres and tight handling that mean they ride just as well in wooded singletrack as they do out on the open road.


Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross is a madman’s sport and that is why we love it. These are bikes designed to travel fast no matter what the course throws at you, tough enough to handle roots and ruts, light enough to throw over your shoulder and run but stiff enough you can race it like a road bike. Whether you are interested in taking up cross or are just looking for a road bike with a little extra why not give a cross bike a try.

Kids Cyclocross

Frogs line of childrens Road Bikes all come with clearance to run a set of knobbly tyres, a pair of inline brakes and a lightweight frame that make them the perfect bike for introducing your young on to the sport.

Frog 67 Frog 70



Adventure Road Bikes

A road bike with a little something extra to give, these bikes come with extra clearance around the tyres, robust frames and a relaxed position that make them perfect for looser gravel roads or bridleways. Coming with rack and mudguard mounts they make for fantastic commuter bikes.

Genesis Croix de Fer Trek CrossRip 2



Cyclocross Race Bikes – Crockett and Boone

Ride Crockett and win. Every feature of this aluminium Cyclocross bike is built to race and hard wired for victory: race geometry, brake options, Cross-proven components. This ride is everything a World Cup-winning bike should be: fast, smooth, stable and feathery for the run-ups. And as the palmarès prove, Crockett has what it takes to win. View more information at: Trek Bikes Crockett

Boone is our fastest, smoothest, lightest Cross bike ever, with competition-crushing race geometry and our exclusive course-smoothing IsoSpeed technology. Mud, sweat, tears, triumph. You’ll charge through it all with bigger speed, stronger lines, and more confidence than ever before. Boone is the ultimate Cyclocross superbike. View more information at: Trek Bikes Boone

Crockett 5 Disc


Crockett 7 Disc


Boone 5 Disc


Boone 7 Disc



Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Trek is the world leader in mountain bike technology. Innovations are not limited to only the highest-end bikes. Every model is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better. Hardtail mountain bikes feature suspension at the front end and a rigid frame at the rear to make for a bike that is as fun in the woods as it is on open trails.

Trek Marlin and Marlin Womens

Marlin takes its cue from light, fast XC bikes. The right wheel size for each frame size, performance pedigree and an unbeatable ride feel make Marlin the perfect trail rider. To view more information on the Marlin range please visit: Trek Bikes Marlin

Marlin 5


Marlin 6


Marlin 7


Marlin 5 Womens


Marlin 6 Womens


Marlin 7 Womens



Caution: X-Caliber will get you hooked. It packs all of Trek’s XC race hardtail experience into a light, fast bike that pairs the right wheel size with each frame size. Nothing beats the efficiency, simplicity and straight-up fun of an X-Cal hardtail in 29er or 27.5″. Great for XC racing, or simply shredding singletrack. For more information on the range please visit: Trek Bikes X-caliber 


X-Caliber 7


X-Caliber 8 


X- Caliber 9 



Traction Satisfaction- Roscoe is the ideal trail hardtail. Wide 2.8˝ tyres serve up an extra helping of confidence-inspiring traction, gripping relentlessly in uneven terrain and rolling over trail obstructions with ease. Want the capability of a full suspension trail bike with the simplicity of a hardtail? Look no further. Roscoe is the 27.5+ mid-fat mountain bike that makes every ride better than the last.

To see more please visit: Trek Bikes Roscoe

Roscoe 6


Roscoe 7


Roscoe 8



Roscoe 6 Womens



Roscoe 8 Womens



In mountain biking’s heyday, Procaliber was the envy of all other race bikes. Now it’s back to rule the XC circuit once again, redefining the term “hardtail” and setting the bar for speed and intelligence. Procaliber’s IsoSpeed decoupler delivers uncompromising cross country performance, efficiency and an incredible ride feel. It’s the fastest, smoothest, smartest hardtail on the trail. For more information and the full range please visit: Trek Bikes ProCaliber

Procaliber 6


Procaliber 8


Procaliber 9.6


Procaliber 9.7£2250


Procaliber 9.8 SL









Procaliber 9.8 SL specials


Same specification as the 9.8 SL but hand built on demand with more colour options


Procaliber 9.9 SL







Procaliber 9.9 SL specials


Same specification as the 9.9 SL but hand built on demand with more colour options


Trek Farley ‘Fat Bikes’

With their oversize 4 inch + tyres, fatbikes are go anywhere machines for all conditions. The large footprint of the tyre means that it rides better on soft snow or sand. Want to explore the coast whilst on holiday? A fat bike will do it.

For more information please visit Trek bikes UK Farley

Farley 5


Farley 9.6



Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Please click the images to view more information about each bike

Fuel Ex

The Fuel Ex is Trek’s cross country bike, with front and rear suspension to smooth out the bumps this bike is great for long days in the saddle. Shorter suspension that other models means better power transfer through the bike for riding hard on flatter terrain.

To the full range please visit: Trek Bikes Fuel Ex

Fuel Ex 5 29″


Fuel Ex 5 WSD


Fuel Ex 7 29″


Fuel Ex 8 27.5 Plus


Fuel Ex 9.8 29″


Fuel Ex 9.9 29″



Want to push harder? Want more travel? Need a more capable build? With more travel (150mm), a slacker geometry and more features, Remedy is the ultra-capable trail and enduro weapon for technical riders.

To the full range please visit: Trek Bikes Remedy

Remedy 7


Remedy 8 Womens 


Remedy 9 RSL


Slash and Session

Slash is built to dominate the most demanding mountain and ride with big 29″ wheels on an aggressively capable yet lightweight carbon frame. Throw Slash down the most technical descent and fly back up. To the full range please visit: Trek Bikes Slash

World Cup champion Session is proven to be the fastest downhill mountain bike. And with its amazing suspension, it’s the overall best downhiller that the scene has ever seen. To the full range please visit: Trek Bikes Session

Slash 9.8


Session 9.9 RSL



Touring Bikes

Built to go the Distance these bikes are incredibly robust, they come with a wide range of gears, rack mounts both front and rear and comfortable upright riding positions they have everything you could need from a weekend away to a round the world tour.

For a more adventurous road bike why not consider a Cyclocross Bike

Please click the images to see more details about each bike.

Trek 520 Disc

With a 3×9 Shimano groupset giving you a wide range of options, a rear rack, 32mm wide tyres, mechanical disc brakes and bar end shifters this bike is set up for you to take to the roads and go the distance.


Trek 920 Disc

The Trek 920 disc is built for when your fun takes you off the roads. The Duster 29″ mountain bike wheels give you confidence on any terrain, the lightweight aluminium frame helps to keep the weight down as you load up for a real adventure.


Genesis Croix de Fer

Looking for that “one bike” that will take you almost anywhere, come rain or shine, that you’ll be hard pushed to reach its’ limits, and, most importantly, induce big grins with each and every outing?! then look no further… wide tyres, a steel frame and mechanical to hydraulic brakes, this bike can do it all.