Bike Register

What is Bike Register?

Bike Register is the national, police preferred bicycle marking and registration scheme, with over 1.1 million bikes registered.

The Bike Register database is used by every police force in the UK, with there currently being over 40,000 stolen bikes logged on the site.


Why should I register my bike?


Last year, an estimated 232,000 bikes were stolen in the England and Wales alone

By registering your bike, you can increase the chance that your bike will be found and returned to you. Registration markings act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, because they know a registered bike will be harder to sell as future purchases can check whether the bike has been stolen.

Not only that, but registering your bike can help prove your ownership if your stolen bike is recovered.

What do we offer?

All adult bikes purchased for us are provided with a Membership Plus Kit.

This helps identify your bike with a laminated, tamper resistant warning label with unique QR code that can be scanned instantly with a smart phone, deterring would-be thieves. You can also add a picture of your bike for easy recognition.

You can also purchase Membership Plus Kits for £15 each

BikeRegister Membership Plus Kit