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Bike Racks / Carriers

Thule offer a range of bike racks, We find the most simplistic and popular racks are those that mount onto a tow ball. Providing a sturdy mounting system whilst allowing access to the boot of your car. Capable of holding from 2 to 4 bikes depending on the model, Thule are a great choice for carrying the whole family’s bikes.

As well as these fantastic features we will build the rack for you and help you fit it to your car. We also provide servicing and repairs, so why not come down and see us in store to talk about your best option


HangOn 9708

The basic, tiltable and easy to use bike carrier (for 4 bikes).


 RideOn 9503

The basic, tiltable bike carrier (for 3 bikes).


VeloSpace 918

The versatile bike carrier for all types of bikes – from e-bikes and fatbikes to small children’s bikes.£445

 EuroClassic G6 929

The top of the range full size bike carrier with great flexibility and loading capacity (for 3-4 bikes).