Bike Fitting

Like a tailor modifies your suit, We can fit your bike

Why do I need a bike fit?

Are you looking for a more comfortable position? Want to achieve that aggressive racers stance? Suffering from aches and pains?

Our bike fitting is designed with you in mind, we look at your past, your present and your future ambitions to help you find the right sizing and position on the bike to achieve your goals .


What does a bike fit involve?

  1. The Interview

    We sit down with you and discuss your previous riding experience, how long have you been riding and what sort of riding do you enjoy? We then move on to your current riding, do you suffer and aches or pains, what is it that brought you in for a bike fit? Finally we look at your ambitions, from completing an Ironman to simply riding 10 miles on a Saturday morning. We can work out how best to fit you to your bike.

  2. Physical Assessment

    Flexibility and natural posture are the keys to our fitting process. Your fitter will assess your range of motion in key areas, they will also observe how you naturally stand and support yourself. These details will allow them to assess areas that may need compensation on the bike and what positions will be achievable.

  3. On Bike Assessment

    Having assessed your flexibility, its time to get on the bike. We will take all the measurements from your current bike and translate these on to our Precision Fit Jig. This allows us to make small changes effortlessly, from bar width to crank length. We can adjust your position piece by piece until we have achieved the optimum fit. Combined with motion capture technology so both you and your fitter can see how each change is affecting your riding.

  4. Recording and Translation

    Your bike will then be set up for you according to your new dimensions, should you need new parts these will be discussed with you. You will also receive a full record of your fit results to apply to any other bikes you may have at home, or to use in future fits.


What do I need to bring to my fit?

When you come in for your fit we would ask that you bring

  1.  Your current bike (or Bikes) that you would like us to fit you to
  2. A pair of cycle shorts
  3. The shoes that you wear on the bike.

We will take the pedals from your current bike to use on the jig.

It may also be worth bringing a water bottle.


When can I book a bike fit?

We open up bookings for fits around one month in advance, this lets us tailor the staff rota to ensure there will always be a qualified member of staff to look after you. If you would like to book a fit further in advance then please do get in touch with us directly and we can arrange something with you.

We only offer Fitting services on weekdays.


How long will my fit take?

We endeavour to start all of our fits at 10am to ensure that we will never be rushed.


How much does a bike fit cost?

The price of our bike fit is £175


How do I book a bike fit?

Simply click the link below and fill out the form. We will be in touch to confirm your fitting.