Beaconsfield to Gerrards Cross via Burnham Beeches

5.Beaconsfield to Gerrards Cross via Burnham Beeches .

Start: Beaconsfield new town.

Distance:  18 miles

Terrain: Relatively easy-the second half undulates nicely but no killer climbs.

Roads: No major roads-nice car free section through the Beeches

Total climb: 672 feet

Beauty rating: 3/5.

This short ride will make an enjoyable excursion of an hour or two . It retains height through the Wooburn and  Littleworth Common area and takes you into the traffic free Burnham Beeches. It then passes the pretty  Hedgerley village , then climbs into Gerrards Cross to take you back into Beaconsfield skirting  Jordans and Seer Green. There are several good pubs along the way and  a café in the Beeches.

1.Beaconsfield Station (335ft) to Littleworth Common (306ft)      4.47 miles

Leave the station and turn left onto the High street .Take the right turn down Burkes Road. Follow for over a mile until you reach the main A40. Go right onto the A40 then left down Broad Lane. Follow for a 1 ½ miles as it crosses the M40 and the pits to your left. Keep on Broad Lane as it bears left then take left turn onto Wooburn Common Road with the excellent Royal Standard pub to your left. Continue on this road for 1 ½ miles . At the junction go left then after 200 yards turn right onto Boveney  Lane(just before the Jolly Woodman pub)

2.Littleworth Common (306ft) to Hedgerley (205ft)      4.41 miles

Continue down this lovely lane( ignoring Abbey Park lane to the left )and follow as it turn sharply to the right. After 2/3 mile turn left into Burnham Beeches on Halse Drive-this is traffic free. Keep straight on as it drops steeply then climbs again through this historic woodland .At Victory Cross turn left passing the toilets and café to your right. As you exit the beeches turn left down Stewarts Drive. Follow this lane as it skirts the Beeches and becomes Egypt Lane .When it joins the main A355 go left then immediate right down Parish Lane. After less than ½ mile turn left down Andrew hill .  At the bottom go right along Kiln lane .  At the junction  go left into Hedgerley village. Enjoy the picturesque Church and the White Horse pub , which is an unspoilt  gem dispensing real ale straight from the barrel.

3.Hedgereley (205ft) to Gerrards Cross (272ft)        3.24 miles.

Continue on this road as it ascends over the M40 .You then lose all the height you have gained as it travels alongside the motorway. You then climb again keeping to Hedgereley  Lane. At the Windsor Road turn left into Gerrards Cross. Continue straight on as it crosses the A40 and through Gerrards Cross common. Ride along the High Street passing the Railway station and Cinema.

4.Gerrards Cross (272ft) to Jordans  Meeting House (254ft)     2.8 miles

Continue on Packhorse Lane past the Ethorpe Hotel then bear left onto Austin Wood lane .Keep straight on as it becomes Goldhill West with the common to your right. Carry on along Grove Lane for 1/3 mile turning left down Welders Lane. Follow this primarily flat lane until the end when it descends sharply to Jordans  Meeting House.

4.Jordans Meeting House (254ft) to Beaconsfield Station (335ft)      2.77 miles

At the junction turn  left then right down Longbottom lane. Follow for 1 ½ miles as it gradually climbs 70ft. At the main Amersham road turn left then immediately right along Ledborough Lane. Follow this to the end going left at the junction to return to the station and the start.

Written on December 18th, 2018 by Saddle Safari


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