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For many people the move from toe clips or flat pedals to shoes with cleats is one of the biggest changes they can make to their cycling. The stiff soles and anchored foot provide a stable platform and allow you a greater control over the bike. A proper fitting is vital and our staff will all be happy to help you find the right pair of shoes for you.

Mountain bike shoes or cyclocross shoes with an SPD cleat have a rubber tread around the cleat allowing the wearer to walk normally in the shoe when not on the bike. A road shoe however will have a flat sole and space for a larger road style cleat. They are often made of plastic and in higher end models made of carbon fibre. These shoes are a lot more rigid to allow the wearer toput more power directly through the pedal.

Come down to the store and try on some different options or have a chat to our staff about which options may be best for your riding.

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